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Quarantining the utility: State regulators should adopt a competitive retail electricity market 2.0

EDITORIAL: We’re way past due for a competitive retail electricity market 2.0. On a whim I answered the phone despite knowing it was a telemarketing call. The robocaller invited me ...
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Senate Democrats decry FERC nominee’s refusal to concede need for recusal

Today’s lede: McNamee’s refusal to acknowledge need for recusal. At Thursday’s confirmation hearing Senate Democrats repeatedly pressed Bernard McNamee, President Trump’s nominee to fill the vacant seat at the Federal ...
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Industry speakers call for new competitive market construct that better meets clean energy policy goals

DATELINE, Hershey, Pa. – ‘Growing the power business and cutting carbon emissions’ was the theme of the Third Annual Regional Executive Energy Summit in Hershey, Pa., Nov. 8-9, sponsored by ...
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Clear the clutter with Electric Industry News, the chronicle of change and disruption in the electricity industry.

The $350 billion U.S. electricity industry is undergoing change and disruption the likes of which we’ve not seen since a wave of competitive restructuring in the 1990s, if not perhaps since Thomas Edison helped invent the industry in the late 19th century.

Industry leaders and policy makers are grappling with unprecedented flat load growth, rapid technological disruption, a flood of cheap fracked gas driving baseload generation closures, uncertainty in federal environmental requirements, increasingly aggressive renewables mandates, and the prospect of a new wave of competitive restructuring.

Staying on top of this rapidly changing industry landscape can be a full-time job. Electric Industry News does the hard work for you, sifting through the news daily to provide you up-to-date information and analysis on all the latest developments:

As net metering advocates battle efforts to ratchet back what utilities feel are overly generous compensation terms, can net metering be sustained? Does PURPA remain viable?

Electric vehicles and battery storage promise to drastically transform the energy landscape. Should regulators treat energy storage as generation or transmission?

Will utilities or third-party providers develop microgrids? Will blockchain evolve into a new threat to the traditional industry structure?

Will Nevada become the first state to open its electricity market to competition in nearly 20 years? Will Florida be next?

Policy makers in the Southeast are reeling in the wake of huge regulatory failures involving nuclear power and clean-coal plants costing captive ratepayers billions. Will those costs be disallowed? Is the threat of bankruptcy real? Will dissatisfaction pave the ground for regulatory reform?

New York seeks transformative change with its Reforming the Energy Vision initiative, but at the same time is acting to bar competitive retail providers from the mass market. Are these two initiatives at odds with one another?

Industrial consumers are increasingly unhappy with rising rates under the traditional regulatory model. Will mounting dissatisfaction set the stage for widespread competitive restructuring?

Is the “Internet of Things” a real thing? What’s the best path forward for transformative behind-the-meter technologies?

Widespread adoption of smart metering technology is increasingly setting the stage for real-time pricing. Does dynamic pricing work best in a competitive market?

California and other states are pursuing ever more stringent renewable energy goals. Can reliability be preserved? Should baseload plants be subsidized?

The California ISO wants to shepherd a multistate organized wholesale market in the West. But other states are leery of hitching their wagons to California. Will SPP or PJM corral them into an organized market?

These are just a sampling of the issues Electric Industry News will chronicle with its expert staff boasting decades of electric industry experience.

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